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Tzu Chi’s Eight Footprints

Tzu Chi volunteers selflessly contribute through a mindset of gratitude, expressing their sincerest care and support to each and every individual in need.

The shared goal of Tzu Chi volunteers is to cultivate sincerity, integrity, faith, and honesty within while exercising kindness, compassion, joy, and selflessness to humanity through concrete actions. Transcending the bounds of race, nationality, language, and religion, they serve the world under the notion that “when others are hurting, we feel their pain; when others suffer, we feel their sorrow”. Not only do the volunteers endeavor to promote the universal value of “Great Love,” they also fully employ the humanitarian spirit of Chinese culture to its utmost.

Tzu Chi Foundation’s “Four Major Missions” consist of Charity, Medicine, Education, and Humanity. Adding the efforts in Bone Marrow Donation, Environmental Protection, Community Volunteerism, and International Relief, the undertakings are now collectively known as “Tzu Chi’s Eight Footprints”.

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“There is great strength when everyone does good deeds. There is good fortune when everyone creates blessings.” – Dharma Master Cheng Yen

About Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines

In 1991, founder of Taiwan-based Tzu Chi Foundation, Master Cheng Yen received The Magsaysay Social Leadership Award from the Philippine Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation. This is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Asia. Along with the award came a prize money of US $30,000 (worth approximately Php825,000 then) which the Master distributed to two beneficiaries - the victims of the China flooding and of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. The award paved way to the exposure of the Master’s compassion to the Chinese community in the Philippines.


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"Love is taking care of oneself by freeing one's mind of worries and conducting one self with propriety.

The love one receives is as great as the love that one gives."

Dharma Master Cheng Yen, Tzu Chi Founder