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Davaoeño medical practitioners experienced how Great Love works

November 05, 2017 | Bea Velasco

Dr. Isosceles Peñera posed for a photo op with his patient after he conducted a tooth extraction to the latter. Working with Tzu Chi for the first time, the Dental Surgeon narrated how impressed he was with the Buddhist group’s Medical Mission. 【Photo by Bea Velasco】

Story Highlights

  • Davaoeño medical practitioners collaborated with TIMA volunteer doctors, in bringing medical relief to the masses.

  • Inspired by the foundation’s love to their fellow Davaoeños, the practitioners look forward in collaborating with Tzu Chi for next year’s medical mission.


More than just bringing cure to thousands of Davaoeño indigent patients, Tzu Chi’s 215th Medical Mission is also aiming to inspire local doctors of the Mindanaon province, to be part of the growing TIMA family of the said foundation. 

Seeing that the Buddhist group’s intention is to simply extend love and compassion to their fellow Davaoeños, several doctors, nurses, dentists, health officers, and even medical students have heeded the call, and willingly offered their services free of charge.

Within the walls of Davao Chong Hua High School, Davaoeño medical practitioners worked hand-in-hand with the local and international TIMA members in various departments of the 3-day event.

Though not a newbie in terms of rendering his services free of charge, Dr. Isosceles Peñera found Tzu Chi’s Medical Mission outstanding among all the missions he has been part of.

“I’ve been in countless of Medical Missions before. In over 20 years of my dental experience, I have served multiple times for free in various missions.”, says the Dental Surgeon. “But, unlike all the missions I’ve been involved with, Tzu Chi’s medical mission differs in terms of the quality of equipment they offer in dental surgery, dental hygiene, and restoration services.”

Knowing that there are foreign healthcare providers present in the said event, Peñera believed that the it will also serve as an opportunity to have an exchange of knowledge and ideas between the two parties.

“It’s good to know that this medical mission is a collective effort of the local and international doctors. In that way, many will be treated, and there will be an exchange of knowledge among the participating medical practitioners.”

Compelled by the amount of effort Tzu Chi volunteer doctors have exerted for the benefit of her people, Dr. Lucy Pineda felt an overwhelming urge to also do her part in the mission.

“My true purpose in attending this mission is to serve my countrymen.”, says the 53-year old Family and Occupational Medicine expert. “I realized that if Manila and international doctors are willing to come here and serve my fellow Davaoeños, what’s my excuse? That’s why I came here to help and be part of their medical relief.”

Seeing that her fellow Davaoeños were being treated properly, Dr. Pineda expressed her awe for the organization’s hardwork. “

“Tzu Chi is rendering a big help to my fellow Davaoeños here because most of are the poorest members of our community. I am very happy that Tzu Chi offers not just medical check ups but also dental, optical check-ups, and surgical operations. That’s why I want to thank Tzu Chi Foundation for coming here in Davao City.”

When both asked if they are interested in being members of the future Davao TIMA family, both the medical professionals agreed in unison.

“I’m very willing to be a volunteer doctor of Tzu Chi Foundation. If Tzu Chi doctors are willing to travel all the way from Manila and other parts of the world just to help my fellow Davaoeños, why can’t I do that? I felt a strong urge to do the same.”, says Dr. Pineda.

Big, capable hearts

Being in charged of contacting local medical practitioners for the mission, Tzu Chi Davaoeña volunteer Doris Wee has tapped prominent organizations within Davao City.

“We contacted several doctors and nurses all over Davao through the help of some prominent medical organizations here, like Davao Medical Society and SPMC. It’s a big help if they can assist us in accommodating our brothers and sisters here in Davao.”, says Wee.

Realizing that the mission opened doors to know who among the local medical providers can be part of their community medical reliefs, Wee mentioned the benefits of having their local TIMA family.

“It will be great if we can form our own team of Davaoeño TIMA doctors here in Davao, so that every time we want to conduct medical missions here or reach out patients who are living in the most rural areas, it will be easier and less hassle for us and for the people.”

  • Dr. Lucy Pineda carefully explains to her patient her condition. 【Photo by Bea Velasco】

  • Though this is her first time working with Tzu Chi, she was immediately inspired by the enormity of Tzu Chi’s charity coverage in the entire Philippines. 【Photo by Bea Velasco】

  • Raising her both her thumbs up, Dr. Pineda felt very happy that she was given a chance to extend help to a large number of Davaoeño indigent patients. 【Photo by Bea Velasco】

  • With his 20-year experience in his field, Dr. Isosceles Peñera says that the way Tzu Chu handles its charity work is very inspiring and heartwarming. 【Photo by Bea Velasco】