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Annual Jing Si exhibit opens in Lucky Chinatown Mall

August 07, 2019 | Jonas Trinidad

A colorful variety of Jing Si and DaAi Tech products are put up for sale during the weeklong Jing Si Bookstore exhibit at Lucky Chinatown Mall. Proceeds from the exhibit will go to support Tzu Chi’s charity activities.【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

Story Highlights

  • Tzu Chi volunteers, in cooperation with the Jing Si Books and Café, hold a weeklong exhibit at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila. With a wide array of Jing Si and DaAi Tech products for sale, they hope to raise funds to support Tzu Chi’s continuing humanitarian projects and inspire more people to join their cause.


Tzu Chi volunteers of Manila Chinatown, in cooperation with the Jing Si Books and Café, opened its annual exhibit at Lucky Chinatown Mall on August 5.

For one week until August 11, the exhibit will be selling a wide array of Jing Si products, ranging from instant meals to utensils. There are also bags and clothes made with DaAi Technology for sale. Proceeds from the sale will go to fund the foundation’s missions.

This year, however, the volunteers hope to do more than simply sell their products. With the Philippines producing the Water Repentance Text adaptation play next year, they took the opportunity to invite patrons to the exhibit to join in the performance. In their free time, volunteers teach guests the sign language for each part of the three-hour performance.

“We’re still in need of more people to come join us for the stage adaptation. We’re taking this opportunity to teach them what the Water Repentance Text means and what we could learn from it,” said Tzu Chi volunteer Lili Lin.

Meanwhile, many visitors came to the exhibit to express their admiration for Tzu Chi’s continued support for people in need. Gil Arcita, a trainer for the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, bought a few items despite the hefty price tag. He became familiar with Tzu Chi after he and his fellow Boy Scouts visited Taiwan late last year.

“I realize that we need to volunteer, especially if we have the time. We should give our time not only for ourselves but for our fellowmen, even contribute a little for those in need,” he explained.

Zamboanga Del Norte governor Roberto Uy has also supported the foundation’s operations in the region. As Tzu Chi manages an eye center and Jaipur foot prosthetic clinic in Zamboanga City, he sometimes refers patients to them. Sometimes, he sends patients to another Tzu Chi branch in Cebu.

“I was going around the mall when I came across Tzu Chi’s exhibit here. And I know that Tzu Chi has been a wonderful organization because it follows God’s teaching of helping the poor,” Uy said.

A few visitors to the exhibit share their blessings in a collective pot of money.

“There are a lot of people here in Chinatown who learned about Tzu Chi here. A lot of them come here to donate,” said Tzu Chi volunteer Sally Yuñez, the organizer for the exhibit.


  • The volunteers begin their ingress into Lucky Chinatown Mall on the evening of August 4. The mall has hosted the exhibit for several years. 【Photo by Nancy Que】

  • The exhibit opens to the first wave of guests on August 5. This guest admires this DaAi Tech handbag made from recyclable materials. 【Photo by Nancy Que】

  • Interested in knowing more about Tzu Chi, Boy Scout trainer Gil Arcita (right) lists the foundation’s contact details on a box of teabags he bought. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • A guest leaves the exhibit with a Jing Si aphorism: “Respect for life is protecting the well-being of life.” 【Photo by Nancy Que】

  • After shopping, a visitor observes a Tzu Chi volunteer doing flower arrangement. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • Roberto Uy, governor of Zamboanga Del Norte, happened to pass by the exhibit and got the chance to express his gratitude to Tzu Chi. He constantly refers patients to Tzu Chi’s liaison office in Zamboanga City.【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • Tzu Chi volunteers take any lull in the activity to practice their sign language for the upcoming Water Repentance Text stage play. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】