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Small donations, big hearts

March 23, 2014 | Lineth Brondial

In Barangay 110 (Utap), each humble donation of the residents is properly accounted for. Local volunteers show transparency in their records and make certain that every contribution will reach Tzu Chi Foundation. From former beneficiaries, the residents have turned their palms down and are now contributing to better the lives of other needy. 【Photo by Lineth Brondial】

Story Highlights

  • Besides recycling, residents of Barangay 110 (Utap) are also now saving a peso per day to donate to Tzu Chi Foundation and contribute to its missions. On March 23, the residents gave their donations for the second month.

  • These residents are victims of typhoon Haiyan who have benefited from Tzu Chi’s assistance. They have been moved by the foundation’s sincerity that they are now taking a leap to give back and be of help to other people in need.


Barangay 110 (Utap) is one of the 25 villages in Tacloban City which is now actively involved in Tzu Chi Foundation’s environmental protection program. All nine zones of the community have been doing recycling—collecting recyclable items and donating it for the charitable programs of the foundation.

But these residents are not only confined to recycling. They have also become Tzu Chi donors who are now giving their monthly monetary contribution. Most of them adopted the ‘peso per day’ donations which are being collected in a monthly basis.

On the scheduled day of collection on March 23, the donors wait at their doorstep for the collecting officers to arrive. Each of the nine zones has designated collecting officer, a treasurer, and a documenter.

Many of the household members in Zone 4A of this barangay give their donations individually. Among them are Lorna Engracial and her husband.

“This time, I gave P60 on account of me and my husband. It’s just a small contribution but we know that it can help other people. In a way, we also benefit from giving because it uplifts our spirit,” Engracial, a mother of five, says.

Even the residents whose houses are remote from the community are ever so willing to donate that they are the ones who go to the house of the collecting officer, whether rain or shine. Such is the case of Hilda Durante.

“We are saving some money for Tzu Chi because when we needed money, they provided for us. Our house was totally washed out after the typhoon but through their help, we are able to buy lumbers and other stuff for us to have a home,” she tearfully explains.

This month marks the second month that Barangay Utap became a donor for Tzu Chi Foundation.

Both Engracial and Durante are victims of typhoon Haiyan who have benefitted from Tzu Chi’s relief assistance in December last year. Their normal lives have been disrupted and their community was a picturesque of ruins until Tzu Chi Foundation, together with other humanitarian organizations, came in to restore normalcy in Tacloban City.

In Zone 3 of the barangay, residents arrived at the house of the collecting officer with their bottles filled with coins. One by one, they gave their donations and have their names properly accounted for.

On the same day of the collection, the residents were able to receive the acknowledgement receipt of their donations from the previous month.

Tzu Chi Foundation is able to carry out various programs under the missions of charity, medicine, education, and humanity through the selfless and generous donations of kind-hearted individuals. Most of these donors have been touched by the foundation’s sincerity in helping the poor and educating the rich.

In the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan, the abundant relief aid that the foundation is able to deliver to heavily-affected areas in Leyte province is the collective expression of love gathered from 46 countries around the world.

  • This donor expresses delight as local volunteers come to her household to collect her monthly donations for Tzu Chi Foundation. Most of the donors from Barangay 110 (Utap) are beneficiaries of Tzu Chi’s assistance in the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan. 【Photo by Lineth Brondial】

  • Lorna Engracial gives her and her husband’s donation to a collecting officer in their zone in Barangay 110 (Utap). Engracial says she is happy that although her family donates only a small amount, they are certain that it will reach other people in need. 【Photo by Lineth Brondial】

  • Members of every household in Barangay 110 (Utap) happily donate during the day of collection on March 23. This is the second month that the residents in said barangay donated in the hope of getting involved in the missions of Tzu Chi Foundation. 【Photo by Lineth Brondial】

  • A resident brings a bottle where she deposited some coins, a collective contribution of her family. Some residents whose houses are remote from the community are the ones who come to the house of the collecting officer to give their donations. 【Photo by Lineth Brondial】

  • Residents of Zone 4A in Barangay 110 (Utap) pose for a souvenir photo after giving their donations on March 23. Some of the residents live from afar but willed themselves to walk the distance despite the rain that day. 【Photo by Lineth Brondial】

  • Instead of a coin can, residents of Zone 3 in Barangay 110 (Utap) used a plastic bottle and filled it with coins which serves as their donation for the month of March. They have started to donate since February this year. 【Photo by Lineth Brondial】

  • A store owner and resident of Barangay 110 (Utap) gives her second month of donation to a local volunteer. Most of residents adopted the ‘peso per day’ donations which are being collected in a monthly basis. 【Photo by Lineth Brondial】