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Education : Brief Intro

December 01, 2017

The hope of the society lies in its talented human resources; while the hope of these talents comes from education. After Tzu Chi’s establishment of the Mission of Medicine in Taiwan, Tzu Chi was confronted with inadequate turnout of medical personnel who are willing to work in Tzu Chi Hospital in Hualien. Coupled with the intention to nurture outstanding, yet kind and loving doctors and nurses; and at the same time address the issues in providing education and jobs to the indigenous people living in eastern Taiwan, Master Cheng Yen thought of building and setting up schools.

In 1987, a year after the inauguration of Tzu Chi General Hospital, Master Cheng Yen took another great leap to set up a nursing school. As of July 2000, together with affiliate primary and secondary schools, Tzu Chi has already established a comprehensive education system in Taiwan starting off from kindergarten level up to doctorate degree.

With “kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity” as the schools’ motto, the principle of Tzu Chi’s Mission of Education is to develop the student to respect life and affirm humanity. Tzu Chi education system serves to provide a proper direction and guide to life. It emphasizes learning on character, daily life and humanity.

Tzu Chi’s philosophy in education is not limited to the academe. It goes beyond one’s age, profession and status in life. It is also defined by the volunteers’ participation in Tzu Chi’s Four Missions and Eight Footprints, which are part of Tzu Chi’s wholesome education that aims to stimulate the goodness of each individual.