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December 01, 2017

Tzu Chi Philippines makes use of all means and takes all avenues to promote goodness and great love in the society in its Mission of Humanity. By engaging the people and making known to them the various humanitarian efforts of the foundation, Tzu Chi Philippines hopes to bring out the compassion in the hearts of all sentient beings as it intensifies its efforts in easing the sufferings of the distressed.


Tzu Chi info in Chinese Daily Broadsheets

With the thought of allowing more people to know the works of Tzu Chi, a section solely dedicated for Tzu Chi Foundation titled “Tzu Chi World” was first published in the Chinese daily broadsheet, United Daily News, on July 5, 1995. The section continued to be published bi-monthly since then. On February 2, 2004, a bi-monthly section entitled “Tzu Chi Da Ai” graced the pages of Chinese Commercial News, another Chinese daily broadsheet. With the help of these print media, Tzu Chi is able to touch more lives and rouse the compassionate spirits of the Chinese community in the Philippines.


Tzu Chi Publications

Offering publications written in a different language, the bilingual Tzu Chi Youth newsletter was released to the public in 1997. It was not until 2002, that the newsletter ceased its production and Tzu Chi officially publishes the Tzu Chi Publication written in Chinese and English. Tzu Chi Publication features touching stories of people, news and events of the foundation, and the teachings of Master Cheng Yen. The Tagalog edition of Tzu Chi Publication was released in 2008 for the benefit of the Filipino masses. The Tzu Chi Express was also put out that year in three languages to reach a much wider audience.


Da Ai TV

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Tzu Chi Foundation uses the strong influence of media to sow more seeds of love in all places and bring more bodhisattvas in this world. Established in 1998, Da Ai TV serves as the society’s clear stream for real stories of events and people presenting the goodness and beauty in humanity. Showing no pornography or violence, Da Ai TV’s programs include Master Cheng Yen’s talks, true-to-life dramas, health and medicine, and features on Tzu Chi events around the world, among others. Da Ai TV is broadcasted in the Philippines and in the whole world through different cable providers.

* Da Ai TV is aired for free. Please contact your satellite TV or cable TV providers for details.


Still Thoughts Aphorisms

Since its conceptualization in 2001, the Still Thoughts Aphorism booklets have been printed and distributed for free in English, Chinese, Filipino, Chabacano and Cebuano versions. Hundreds of thousands copies of Still Thoughts booklets have already been produced with the help of generous donors. These are distributed mostly during medical and relief missions of Tzu Chi hoping to impart to the people the wisdom from Master Cheng Yen.


Jing Si Hall

The Jing Si Hall in Quezon City serves as a fortress of great love of Tzu Chi Philippines. Inaugurated last March 29, 2008, the edifice includes a lecture hall, a prayer hall, a cultural hallway and classrooms, a conference room and administration offices. Apart from being the main operating centre of Tzu Chi Philippines in putting Master Cheng Yen’s ideals to life, the Jing Si Hall is the haven of spiritual cultivation for the Tzu Chi volunteers.


Jing Si Books and Café


JIng Si Book Store

The first Jing Si Books and Café in the country was inaugurated last March 31, 2008. The bookstore/café showcases a selection of freshly brewed coffee, tea blends and natural health drinks; an array of informative and inspirational reading materials for the young and adults. Jing-Si Books and Café is not only a sanctuary to relax one’s body and spirit by reading soul-enriching books over a cup of coffee or tea but also a venue for inspirational talks and sharing activities.


Cultural Programs

To bring forth the message of great love to the public, Tzu Chi Philippines regularly conducts activities that embody the humanistic culture of the foundation. These activities include tea gatherings, annual celebrations of the Yearend Blessings Ceremony, Tzu Chi’s Global Anniversary, Vesak Day, Mothers Day, among others. All these events aim to inspire goodness and promote abstinence among the people.


Spreading the Seeds of Love Programs

In response to Master Cheng Yen’s call to “Spread the Seeds of Love and Cultivate the Fields of Goodness” in 2002, which was in commemoration of the September 11 World Trade Centre attack, Tzu Chi volunteers heed to the Master’s call by promoting the goodness among the public. Volunteers actively push forth with this program in various efforts by sharing to friends and relatives the selfless missions and ideals of Tzu Chi Foundation, and also by conducting seminars and giving talks in schools, offices, factories, and other business establishments. The program is also shared to disaster victims during relief goods distribution and to patients in every Tzu Chi’s medical missions. Through these efforts, Tzu Chi Philippines hopes to inspire more and more people to do simple acts of kindness everyday and continue the cycle of love in the world.


Promoting the Spirit of the Bamboo Bank Era

Aside from different events held in line with the Spreading Seeds of Love Programs, Tzu Chi Philippines launched its Spreading Seeds of Love coin banks last December 2002. These coin cans encourage everyone to drop even just a single coin everyday and utter a simple prayer for peace just like the 30 housewives that pioneered this movement more than 40 years ago. More and more people have also been adopting Tzu Chi coin cans after witnessing the compassionate relief of the foundation.


Mobile Advertisements

Tzu Chi Philippines designed its trucks and vans in such a way that they can inform the public of the purpose and missions of the foundation. These vehicles don advertisements that display the works of Tzu Chi and inspiring messages hopes to purify people’s mind and encourage the public to share their blessings and help the needy


Sacred Pilgrimage

On April 19, 2009, Tzu Chi Philippines started its sacred pilgrimage of reverence and gratitude to Master Cheng Yen for the great love and wisdom she has bestowed to millions of people around the world. Since then, Tzu Chi volunteers have been doing the “three steps and one bow” series, starting at the forefront of the Jing Si Hall, every Wednesday before the sun sets in. This symbolizes the volunteers’ sense of humility and sincerity in keeping up with Master Cheng Yen’s vows to purify the minds of the people, harmonize the society and free the world from disasters.


Tzu Chi, Philippines Official Website

Harnessing the power of the World Wide Web and its strong impact on the society, Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines further reaches out to a greater number of people by setting up its official website on its 15th anniversary. With its simple but unique web page design, a wide array of features and vast collection of heart-warming stories, Tzu Chi Philippines explores more on the effectiveness of technology to introduce and promote the selfless causes of the foundation, and to draw the attention of the public in helping the needy through their own little way. The website will be Tzu Chi’s means of conveying and updating the public about its undertakings on the dot.