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Leyte teachers back promotion of Jing Si Aphorisms to students

December 02, 2017 | Jamaica Digo

1_IMG_9853 The grateful pupils in Tanauan raise their Jing Si Books in the air as they pose for a photo with Tzu Chi volunteers and the Malaysian Tzu Chi Teachers’ Association members. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

Story Highlights

  • After the teaching demonstrations by members of Tzu Chi Malaysia Teachers’ Association, local public schools in Leyte express support in guiding their students in taking to heart the Jing Si Aphorisms by Master Cheng Yen.


The trauma that typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) had left lodged in the minds and hearts of the people in the province of Leyte is nothing to be shrugged off as something trivial. Not only has it turned their normal lives upside-down but also took its toll on their moral virtues.

Wanting to bring complete healing to the typhoon survivors, Tzu Chi Foundation has begun sharing the Jing Si Aphorisms to the residents of Leyte province, starting off with public school teachers and their students.

On the second day of school visits to promote the Jing Si Aphorisms, or words of wisdom of Tzu Chi founder Master Cheng Yen, teams of Manila and Tacloban City Tzu Chi volunteers along with members of Tzu Chi Foundation Teachers’ Association in Malaysia went to 18 elementary schools in Palo and Tanauan.

The teachers, who are also Tzu Chi volunteers, from Malaysia demonstrated various methods on how they can make their Jing Si Aphorisms lessons fun but educational for the students.

After the teaching demos, Cogon and Amanluran Elementary Schools head Lainez Mendigo has expressed support on guiding their students in taking to heart the Jing Si Aphorisms of Master Cheng Yen.

“The Jing Si Aphorisms learned by our teachers will be integrated in their lessons and in real life situations. Definitely, all the Jing Si Aphorisms would help the teachers, as well as the students, in their daily life,” teacher Mendigo says.

The same goes for teacher Lita Indic, Officer-in-Charge of Tugop Elementary School, who has begun using the Jing Si Children’s books as guide for their Values Education subject.

“Even before typhoon Haiyan came, we hardly have a book on Values Education for grades 5 and 6, so now we are very thankful that we have (the Jing Si Books) to be used for our values training.”

After attending the teachers’ symposium organized by Tzu Chi Foundation recently, and having watched the Malaysian teachers conduct the demo, teacher Indic said Tzu Chi Foundation can count on teachers like her to pass on the beauty of the Jing Si Aphorisms to their students.

“Now that the books have been distributed among the teachers and the students our next step is to impart and share the teachings to them (students) in order for the pupils to apply them in their daily lives so they will become good pupils and good persons.”

But it was not just the local teachers from the public schools here in Tanauan that learned from the Malaysian teachers. Tzu Chi volunteer Regina So, who is in-charge of Tzu Chi Philippines’ livelihood training program, said she also picked up a lot of pointers from listening and observing.

“I have long heard that these Malaysian teachers are very successful in teaching the Jing Si Aphorisms in their country. So in joining this activity, I discovered that they are very energetic, creative and resourceful. They use different methods of teachings which will help me with the livelihood program,” the Tzu Chi volunteer, who is also a teacher by profession, shares.

Meanwhile, during the volunteers’ visit in Tugop Elementary School, they met two Australian students who are spending two weeks in the country to teach the pupils.

These Australian students are volunteers of the international charity group called Volunteers for the Visayas (VFV), which is endeavoured in helping the victims of calamities such as the earthquake in Bohol and the super typhoon Yolanda in Leyte through various rehabilitation projects. On their part, Tom Casey and Kate Forrester used their academic knowledge to help.

For two weeks, the two have been teaching Science, English and Physical Education subjects to the students in Tugop Elementary School.

According to Casey, when he got to this school, there was only one Science book left after the storm destroyed almost everything. Seeing this broke his heart and so he was grateful to see a lot of individuals coming to help in any way. This, according to him, would greatly help the students recover.

“After the typhoon last year they have been heavily disadvantaged that the books along with the teachings will help them sort of pick up the pieces and get on with living a good life,” Casey shares after browsing through the Jing Si Children’s Books.

  • 2_IMG_9454 The teachers of Tugop Elementary School in Tanauan join the Tzu Chi volunteers in an ice breaker dance to start off the program. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • 3_IMG_9503 Teacher Ong Sook Hwei encourage creatively among teachers in teaching the Jing Si Aphorisms. In this photo, she shows how story telling can become more interesting to pupils if teachers will make extra effort and have the children play a role in the activity – even if they are just the ones making the puppets move. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • 4_IMG_9540 Tzu Chi volunteers and a Malaysian teacher explain about the Jing Si Aphorisms book to the pupils of Tugop Elementary School. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • 5_IMG_9563 Teacher Lita Indic, officer-in-charge of Tugop Elementary School, joins her students in reading the Jing Si Aphorisms Book. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • 6_IMG_9602 In Tugop Elementary School, Malaysian teacher Ong Sook Hwei meets Australian volunteers Tom Casey and Kat Forrester, who are teaching the students here in subjects Science, English and Physical Education. The foreign volunteers were both grateful for the books that the Tzu Chi volunteers have distributed among their students, saying it will greatly help them cope through life after the storm. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • 7_IMG_9608 Teacher Ong Sook Hwei and Tzu Chi volunteer Teresita Siao pose for a photo with the grateful students of Tugop Elementay School. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • 8_IMG_9665 Teacher Lainez Mendigo, principal of Cogon Elementary School, explains the meaning of a Jing Si Aphorism in their mother-tongue. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • 9_IMG_9756 This little girl receives her set of Jing Si Children’s book happily from a Malaysian teacher. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】