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Third orientation in Binondo for the adaptation of the Water Repentance

March 22, 2019 | Charissa Tulinao

Volunteers interact with the attendees while waiting for the program to begin. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

Story Highlights

  • On March 22, 2019, 240 attendees participated in the 3rd orientation for the adaptation of the Water Repentance in Binondo. Attendees learn the significance of Water Repentance.


On March 22, 2019, volunteers in charge of the Binondo area continue with their 3rd orientation of  the adaptation of the Water Repentance for its performance early next year.

About 240 attendees gathered at the 6th floor of the Liberty Hall in Binondo, a significant increase from their last count of 180.

Before proceeding with the orientation, the attendees had a vegetarian dinner courtesy of the volunteers from Binondo.

After dinner, Videos of Water Repentance performances done by other countries were presented to guide the attendees since most of them are interested to join in the performance.

Volunteer Richard Tan explained the significance of the adaptation.

“Actually, what we are conveying a Buddhist teaching on how we can into [our] inner self, we have to find out why we have committed so many sins [that goes] unnoticed, [and] that’s why we have this kind of activity. It makes us realize that we have so many things to repent,” said Tan.

Molita Chua together with other volunteers demonstrated a part of the sign language for the performance. 

Cai Yu Bo was one of the attendees that showed enthusiasm in learning as she eagerly follows the volunteers, and the videos of the sign language.

After attending a Year-End Blessing Ceremony early this year, she was fascinated with the work of Tzu Chi which encouraged her to participate in activities such as the orientation.

  • Volunteers prepare vegetarian food for the attendees. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Attendees line up for the vegetarian dinner. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Videos of the adaptation of the Water Repentance performances were shown. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Volunteers Richard Tan and Sharon Sy lead the orientation on March 22, 2019 at the Liberty Hall in Binondo. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Attendees bow with the guidance of the volunteers. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Volunteers assisted the attendees during the orientation. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • To showcase some of the sign language needed to be learned, volunteers present a brief part of the performance. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Attendees follow the sign language presented by the volunteers. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Volunteer Molita Chua explains the proper way of executing the sign language. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Young and old participants follow the volunteers sign language. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Cai Yu Bo, a participant, shares her facination with the Tzu Chi foundation and how she was encouraged to join. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】