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Timeline for Typhoon Yolanda

January 01, 1970

Note: We will continue to update this timeline to provide further information on Tzu Chi’s relief efforts.



July 25

*Continuation of rice relief in Palo Municipality. Total number of rice released is 3,193 sacks of 20 kilos. Areas covered were: Barangay San Joaquin, Cabarasan Guti, Cogon, Barayong, Pawing.*Simultaneously, Tzu Chi Foundation deploys team in the town of Tanauan to conduct same rice relief distribution. A total of 5,863 sacks of 20-kilo rice had been released today to families in: Barangay Amanluran, Linao, Tugop, Tololora, Ada, Cabunga-an, San Victor, Sacme, Catmon, Limbuhan Daku, Limbuhan Guti, Calsadahay, Hilagpod, Cahumayhumayan, Salvador, Bantugan, Sta. Elena, Guidag-an, Maribi, Balod, and Atipolo.

July 24

*Rice distribution starts in Palo Municipality releasing a total of 12,702 sacks of rice. Areas covered were Barangay San Agustin, Castilla, Terraza, Anahaway, San Isidro, Capirawan, Campetic, Guindapunan, Pawing, Baras, Gacao, Salvacion, San Fernando, Cangumbang, Cabarasan Daku, San Antonio, Canhidoc, Tacuranga, Naga-naga, Cavite East, Sta. Cruz, Naga-naga.

July 23

*Tzu Chi volunteers proceed to conduct stub distribution in Tanauan and Palo towns.

July 22

*Continuation of rice relief in Tacloban City at same relief venues. Total number of rice released this day is 11,855 sacks of rice. Areas were Barangay 83, 83B, 83C, 83A, 84, 91, 42A, 65, 91, 62, 95, 88, 62A, 62B, 31, 62, and 62B.

July 21

*Continuation of rice relief in Tacloban City at same relief venues. Total number of rice released this day is 11,855 sacks of 20 kilos. Areas were Barangay 89, 83, 103-A, 104, 71, 3, 73, 37, 31, 36, 37, 42, 71, 62, 92, 92 (bunkhouses), 91 (bunkhouses), 59, 61.

July 20

*During the seminar on July 20, a total of 54 local residents from Tacloban City received collared-gray shirts and Tzu Chi caps, making them the first batch of Filipino Tzu Chi volunteers in this Yolanda-stricken Leyte capital. The awarding program is held in two batches at the Eastern Visayas State University in the morning and Leyte Normal University in the afternoon.

July 19

*A total of 1,060 Tacloban City residents attended the seminar of Tzu Chi Foundation on July 19 amid the bad weather caused by typhoon Henry (Matmo). The seminar was simultaneously held in two different venues: Leyte Normal University (LNU) and Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU). Most participants were first time to attend a volunteer’s training seminar ever since Tzu Chi Foundation began developing community volunteers in the city.

July 18

*Continuation of rice relief in Tacloban City at same relief venues. Total number of rice released this day is 14,071 sacks of 20 kilos. Families of more than five members received two sacks of rice. Areas are: 85, 86, 90, 88, 87, 93, 99, 103, 100, 67, 68, 48, 48A, 48B, 35, 44, 44A, 38, 39, 6A, 49, 36, 54, 58, 60, 110, 52, 110, 59, 59A, 59B.

July 17

*Tzu Chi Foundation begins with its rice distribution in Tacloban City. Tzu Chi volunteers divide themselves into four teams. Venues used were Villa Dolina Covered Court, Tigbao Court, Leyte Progressive High School, and Tacloban Convention Center – Astrodome. This day, a total of 13,608 sacks of 20-kilo rice have been released. Areas are: Barangay 82, 79, 77, 81, 78, 94, 94-A, 12, 37A, 93, 43, 43-A, 43-B, 69, 70, 1, 4, 6, 6A, 66, 66A, 72, 51-A, 52, 54, 54A, 76, 54, 55, 56, 57, 75, 61, 75.

July 14-16

*Tzu Chi volunteers, along with the community volunteers from Tacloban City, held the distribution of tickets to residents in said city. Rice distribution will start on July 17.*Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) brings heavy rains in Tacloban City but this did not hamper the volunteers to push through with the ticket distribution.

July 13

*Divided into eight groups, some 50 Tzu Chi volunteers and staff held community visits to 57 barangays in Tacloban City on July 13 in the hope of identifying the areas that are yet to get back on their feet. This is in preparation for the rice distribution.

July 12

*Tzu Chi volunteers from Manila gather the community coordinators all around Tacloban City to brief them on their roles on the upcoming distribution of rice to 50,000 indigent families here. Local volunteers will be mobilized to help disseminate information, organize the residents, conduct survey and home visit, carry out ticket distribution, and finally, smoothly implement simultaneous rice relief activities.

July 11

*Eight Tzu Chi volunteers arrive in Tacloban City to prepare for the rice distribution activity.

July 1

*TV5, a television network in the Philippines, has featured the Buddhist group in its morning show “Good Morning Club”, highlighting the prefabricated shelter that is about to be given to 2,700 families in the province of Leyte. It will primarily benefit those in the city of Ormoc and the town of Palo, where land properties have been donated and sourced out by the local government.

June 18

*Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) Chief of Staff General Emmanuel Bautista and Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines chief executive officer Alfred Li sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) relating to construction of temporary shelter for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) victims in Leyte provide. This event took place at AFP’s headquarters in Quezon City.

June 15

*Survey of lot for the installation of temporary shelter in Ormoc City.

June 10

*Fourth Day: Rice distribution continues in Brgys. Ipil, Boroc, Alta Vista, Patag, Hugpa, Sumangga, Bantigue, Liloan, Curva, mabato, Tambulilid.*Ormoc City Mayor Edward Codilla invited Tzu Chi Foundation and its volunteers for a thanksgiving gathering at the city hall.

June 9

*Third day: Rice distribution continues in Brgys. San Jose, Bayog, Sabnag Bao, Manlilinao, Nuevo Sociedad, RM Tan, leondoni, Luna, Dayhagan, Milgaro, Bagong, Maga, Dolores, Nueva Vista, Esperanza, Green Valley, Mas-in, Licoma, Domonan, San Vicente, Nasunugan, Airport.

June 8

*Tzu Chi Foundation had been invited to attend the 67th feast of the Sacred Heart Parish Church in Tacloban City. On this day, the church personally extended their appreciation for the financial assistance the group had given.*A total of 49 local volunteers, composed of teachers and students from public schools in Ormoc, joined Tzu Chi volunteers in distributing stubs to the city residents.*About 30 Chinese volunteers have gathered at the Asia Star Hotel while more than 750 Filipino volunteers have attended the volunteers’ training seminar held at the Leyte Normal University. These activities are geared towards establishing a community of volunteers working toward the goodness of all. inertia

June 7

*Second day: Huge-scale rice relief distribution had been held in Brgys. Liberty, Ga-as, Cabigtan, lake Danao, Donghol, Magyhay, Juaton, San Juan, Labrador, Margen, Macabug, Danhug, Mabini, San Antonio, Can-Untog, Quezon Jr., Naungan, Batuan.

June 6

*First day: Huge-scale rice relief distribution had been held in Brgy. Hibunaon, Brgy. Concepcion, Brgy. Cagbuhangin, Brgy. Cabulihan, Brgy. Catmon, Brgy. Libertad, Brgy. Lao, Brgy. Valencia, Brgy. Guintigian, Brgy. Kadaohan, Brgy. Macatica-a, Brgy Bagong Buhay, Brgy. San Isidro, Brgy. Cogon.

June 5

*Stub Distribution continues, this time in Brgy. Valencia, Brgy. Labrador, Brgy. Dolores, Brgy. Cabintan, Brgy. Mahayag, Brgy. Liberty and Brgy. Margen, among other areas.

June 4

*Colostomy Patient Jan Rhyme Roja undergoes operation for his colostomy through Tzu Chi’s medical assistance. Roja is a 12-year-old boy from Tacloban City who had been discovered during the emergency relief assistance of the foundation. The operation had been held at the Chinese General Hospital in Manila.*Forming different teams, Tzu Chi volunteers have started to distribute tickets on June 4 for its rice relief distribution. Nearly 10,000 tickets have been released to Ormoc residents this day in Brgy. Hibunaon, Brgy. Cabulihan, Brgy. Cagbuhangin, Brgy. Juaton, Brgy. Concepcion bunkhouses, Brgy. Bagong Buhay and Brgy. San Isidro.

June 2-3

*Tzu Chi volunteers held preparations for huge-scale rice relief distribution in Ormoc City. They coordinated with the city and local councils, gathered family listings, and identified areas as relief sites.

April 12

*The second leg of medical mission in Leyte had been held by Tzu Chi International Medical Association at Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU). A total of 3, 417 patients were provided free medical consultation and treatment in the fields of general medicine, pedia, dental, ENT, urology acupuncture and pharmacy.

April 11

*Tzu Chi Foundation launched a medical and dental mission in Ormoc City at the Ormoc City.*Superdome. The mission had provided free and professional medical service to Ormoc residents in the fields of General Medicine, Dental, Pedia, ENT, Urology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy. A total of 169 volunteers from the USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines contributed their skills for the mission and benefited more than 1,800 patients.

March 23

*A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is inked between Tzu Chi volunteers and Sonia Fernandez, the manager of Leyte Cable Network on March 23 during a seminar held at the Asia Star Hotel in Tacloban City. Da Ai TV officially airs around Tacloban City through the cable network.*On this day, more than 30 participants, composed of mostly Chinese entrepreneurs, attended the volunteer training seminar held at the Asia Star Hotel in Tacloban City. Tzu Chi volunteers from Manila and Cebu led the program and shared their experiences in carrying out the missions of Tzu Chi Foundation in the fields of charity, medicine, education, and humanity.*In Tacloban City, former beneficiaries of Tzu Chi’s relief assistance after typhoon Yolanda now actively promote environmental protection through a weekly collection of recyclable items. This effort is now extending to 25 barangays around the city.

February 21

*Local volunteers in Tacloban City carry on with their recycling activity.

March 10-13

*Tzu Chi volunteers make a follow up on the status of the damaged schools and prefabricated classrooms donated by Tzu Chi Foundation to typhoon-affected schools in the province of Leyte.

February 16

*Tzu Chi volunteers from Cebu City distributed multifunction foldable platform to 252 families staying in transitional bunk houses in Barangay Can-untog, Ormoc City.

February 15

*Tzu Chi Foundation turns over the 12 prefabricated classrooms to students and faculty members of the Kananga Elementary and National High School.*448 families who stay in transitional bunk houses in Barangay Concepcion, Ormoc City have received Jing Si multifunction foldable platforms.*22 volunteers from the liaison office of Tzu Chi Foundation in Cebu City brought joy to 1, 200 families of Barangay Valencia and Kadaohan, Ormoc City by conducting a relief mission. Each family went home with 10 kilos of rice, thermal blankets, sleeping mat and mosquito net.

*ABS-BCN News “Ted Failon Ngayon” features Tzu Chi’s contribution to Tacloban rehabilitation efforts after typhoon Yolanda.*Tzu Chi Cebu volunteers are now in Ormoc to distribute foldable platforms and conduct turnover ceremonies for the classrooms the foundation has donated.

*Around 700 beds were distributed in Tacloban City.

February 14

*Tzu Chi volunteers visit the private land owned by Ormoc City Mayor Edward Codilla. In support to Tzu Chi’s housing project for the Yolanda victims in Ormoc City, the city mayor donates 50-hectare lot.*1,100 multifunction foldable platforms are donated in Tanauan municipality with Mayor Pel Tecson.*A team of Tzu Chi volunteers are in Ormoc City to finalize the installation of 2,000 makeshift classrooms.

*Another team is in Bohol to finalize the installation of pre-fabricated classrooms.

*Tzu Chi Cebu volunteers distribute relief in Barangay Valencia 1,197 multifunction platforms and conduct a turnover ceremony for the pre-fabricated classrooms in Kanaga and Ormoc City.

February 13-14

*Tzu Chi volunteers distribute multifunction foldable platforms to thousands of families in the typhoon-hit province of Leyte. A total of 2,972 families have benefited from Candahug, San Fernando, Baras, and St. Michael in the municipality of Palo; San Roque, Sta. Cruz, and Magay in the municipality of Tanauan; and barangays 58 and 61 in Tacloban City.

February 13

*Tzu Chi Foundation, led by Philippine chapter’s CEO Alfredo Li, seals a memorandum of agreement with Rev. Msgr. Alex Opiniano on February 13. Under the MOA, Tzu Foundation pledges P30M cash assistance for the rehabilitation of the Sto. Niño Parish and its rectory.*Tzu Chi Foundation turns over the prefabricated classrooms to the faculty and students of the University of the Philippines, Tacloban Campus.

February 12

*Local residents from Tacloban City carry on their initiative to collect recyclables around Tacloban City. Their effort started since January 23. Mark Anthony Velarde leads the group.

February 10

*Installation of prefabricated classrooms in University of Philippines, Tacloban Campus.

January 22

*A total of 1,162 residents from Barangays Candahug and Guindapunan, Palo and Barangay San Roque, Tanauan are given new packs of clothes. Although they have not received any financial assistance, the residents have shown contentment and expressed gratitude for the gesture of the foundation to reach out to them, maybe not in the form of any grand material aid but of life’s lessons, especially on love and goodness.

January 21

*A total of 1,457 government workers in Leyte have been given financial support by Tzu Chi Foundation. The distribution is still part of the organization’s initial phase of relief efforts for the typhoon Yolanda victims.*Tzu Chi volunteers conducted an official turnover ceremony of 36 makeshift classrooms in different municipalities of Leyte. The turnover was done in eight schools namely: St. Scholastica’s College, Santa Fe Central School, Santa Fe High School, Tibak Elementary School, San Joaquin High School, San Joaquin Elementary School, Lingayon Elementary School, at Alangalang National High School.*As of this writing, a total of 66 makeshift classrooms were given to the following areas: Tacloban, Santa Fe, Jaro, Alangalang, Palo, Tunga, and Ormoc City. The assembling of these rooms in the said province started in December 4 last year.

January 20

*Tzu Chi Foundation launched another batch of relief activity benefitting a total of 9,453 families in Palo and Tanauan municipalities. They received cash assistance, a letter of sympathy from Master Cheng Yen, a thermal blanket, and a bowl of instant rice.

January 19

*Tzu Chi Foundation held a Year-end Blessing Ceremony in Binondo, Manila and was attended by more than 500 guests. Simultaneous with this is the conduct of another year-end event in Tacloban City where more than 37,000 attendees were present. Many of them are former victims of typhoon Yolanda and were aided by the organization.

January 18

*Tzu Chi volunteers are busy making necessary preparations for the conduct of the Year-end Blessings Ceremony in Tacloban City on January 19. Preparing for the technical aspect and floor markings were some of the things that the volunteers have done before the actual event.

January 17

*Tzu Chi Foundation’s Year-end Blessing Program in Ormoc City gathered 18,000 participants at the Ormoc Superdome. It was held in three sessions. Mayor Edward Codilla and his wife, Violeta, are also among the attendees during the program.*This is the first time that Tzu Chi Foundation travelled as far as the Visayas region to personally hand the blessings of Master Cheng Yen to the people. It can be recalled that prior today, the foundation has conducted several relief distribution in this city in Leyte to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

January 16

*Tzu Chi volunteers gave out invitations cards to barangay officials and several local residents of Tacloban to prepare for the Year-end Blessing Ceremony and Prayer Vigil happening on January 19.*In celebrating its 63rd Founding Anniversary, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) paid tribute to its partner organizations and individuals who have contributed their efforts, time, and expertise to help the marginalized poor in the country. The Panata ko sa Bayan (My Pledge to Society) Awards was given to 32 organizations including The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation that was cited as one of the best volunteer organizations last January 16. The awarding also cited the foundation’s humanitarian effort for the survivors of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in Leyte province.

January 15

*For its upcoming relief distribution activity, the Tzu Chi volunteers helped one another in distributing relief stubs for 2,887 families in Palo municipality in Leyte. Another batch of relief aid distribution will be held by the Buddhist group on January 20.

January 14

*Fourteen barangays in Tanauan municipality in Leyte will be given aid by Tzu Chi Foundation come January 20. It is expected that 6,600 families will benefit from the said activity.

January 13

*A total of 3,160 local residents from Tacloban City attended the Volunteers’ Training Seminar that was held at Leyte Normal University. The first session comprised of 1,360 participants while the second session was attended by 1,600 people. They will be part of the huge-scale year-end blessing ceremony and prayer vigil.

January 12

*A total 2,686 residents of Tacloban City have joined the first Filipino Volunteers’ Seminar that has been conducted by Tzu Chi Philippines on January 12. They are gathered at the Leyte Normal University.*The Year-end Blessing Ceremony was attended by 2,069 people last January 12 at Still Thoughts Hall, Quezon City. The attendees comprise of long-term beneficiaries, scholars, Chinese donors and supporters who all prayed for the speedy recovery of disaster victims in Visayas and Mindanao.

January 11

*The first Filipino Volunteers’ Training Seminar is held in Ormoc City on January 11, gathering a total of 7,500 participants in two sessions. The seminar aims to give inspiration to the residents of Ormoc, who were part of the victims of typhoon Yolanda.*About 300 guests attended the tea party organized by the volunteers of Tzu Chi Foundation to benefit the victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in Leyte province. The gathering hopes to raise more funds to augment the organization’s second phase of rehabilitation efforts: to build additional makeshift classrooms and shelters for the victims.

December 30

*A group of Tzu Chi volunteers went to nearby municipalities in Tacloban –Palo, Tanauan, and Tolosa-, to evaluate the residents’ condition there. After nearly two months, many of them are still unable to recover because of lost livelihood and homes.*Tzu Chi volunteers went to several devastated schools in the aforementioned municipalities. Concrete buildings, especially near coastal areas, were destroyed due to the storm surge brought by the typhoon.

December 29

*On this day, 8,973 aid recipients from 24 barangays were aided. The distribution was done in Leyte Normal University and Bacagay Elementary School and was held in six different sessions.

December 27-28

*Tzu Chi volunteers returned to Tacloban City to distribute stubs to nearly 9,000 residents who were not previously included in the first batch of relief activities. Another relief distribution was schedule the following day.

December 18

*The relief distribution that lasted for four days garnered a grand total of 28, 740 beneficiaries in 136 barangays of Tacloban City.*The fifth day of the relief distribution benefitted 1,822 families. The activity was done in San Jose Central School and aid recipients came from 17 barangays of Tacloban City.*In gratitude for helping the town in the process of recovery, 1st district representative Ferdinand Martin Romualdez and Tacloban mayor Alfred Romualdez personally thanked the Tzu Chi volunteers before they return home to Manila. The local officials presented a small gift and a letter of thanks addressed to Tzu Chi founder Master Cheng Yen.

December 17

*The fourth day of the relief distribution benefitted 923 families. The activity was done in Leyte Progressive High School and aid recipients came from Barangay 91, Tacloban City.

December 16

*The third day of the relief distribution benefitted 6,574 families. The activity was done in Leyte Normal University, Leyte Progressive High School, San Jose Central School, and Sagkahan National High School. The families came from 33 barangays.

December 15

*The second day of the relief distribution benefitted 10,440 families. The activity was done in Leyte Normal University, Leyte Progressive High School, San Jose Central School, and Sagkahan National High School. The families came  from 56 barangays.

December 14

*Tzu Chi Foundation started its large-scale relief distribution activity in Tacloban, Leyte. It is held in four venues: Leyte Progressive High School, Sagkahan National High School, San Jose Central School, and Robinsons Mall. Each beneficiary is given cash assistance and a thermal blanket.*The huge-scale relief benefitted a total of 8,981 families in 30 barangays of Tacloban City. The beneficiaries received cash assistance ranging from P8,000, P12,000 or P15,00 and a thermal blanket. The activity was done in Leyte Progressive High School, Sagkahan National High School, and Robinsons Place Tacloban City.

December 13

*Stub distribution for more than 100 barangays in Tacloban City. The relief is scheduled on December 14 to 16 for the benefit of 35,000 affected families.*We hold medical mission at Tunga Central School offering free medical services in Pediatrics, General Medicine, Ophthalmology and Acupuncture.*Three makeshift classrooms are formally handed over to Gregorio Catenza National High School. On December 13, a ceremony is held at the school to thank the volunteers from Tzu Chi Foundation, who have inspired the students and teachers to hope for a better world after typhoon Yolanda.

*Taiwanese volunteer Shih Chung Chen risked his life to save Domingo Ilumba, a resident of Tunga, Leyte. The latter was trapped in a 20-feet deep well for three hours that left him weak due to inhalation of poisonous gas. Domingo was rushed to Tzu Chi’s medical mission happening in Tunga Elementary School for first aid treatment.

December 12

*More than 100 Tzu Chi volunteers and TIMA doctors from Taiwan, Thailand , Hongkong, Malaysia and Philippines arrived in Tacloban City.

December 11

*HCG Company gives their check donation to the Buddhist group at Still Thoughts Hall in Quezon City. HCG president Shian Hsien Chen disclosed that they trust Tzu Chi Foundation’s commitment to bring help to people who badly needed it. He thanks the foundation for giving their company a chance to help the typhoon victims.*Tzu Chi volunteers are preparing for a huge-scale relief operation in Tacloban City come December 14.

December 10

*Another three classrooms have been donated to Gregorio Catenza National High School also in Tunga Municipality. In the said school alone, three buildings have been totally damaged, with no roofs, ceilings, and electrical wiring.*Tzu Chi volunteers start conducting stub distribution in Tacloban City in preparation for the huge-scale relief activity. The Buddhist organization hopes to provide aid supplies to at least 35,000 disaster victims in the said area.

December 9

*A total of nine makeshift classrooms have been officially turned over to Tunga Central School in Tunga municipality. At present, they are being used by its students, who enjoy the comfort and convenience of the classrooms, and who are grateful for the generosity of Tzu Chi volunteers. A single pre-fabricated room can hold 75 students.*The Buddhist group plans to donate 60 makeshift classrooms in various disaster sites in Leyte province.*Relief goods have been extended to a total of 1,954 families from ten barangays of Dulag Municipality, Leyte. The aid recipients received the following: sleeping mat, a pack of clothes, mosquito net, some biscuits, 10-meter tarp, and 20 kilos of rice.

December 8

*People show their gratefulness to Tzu Chi Foundation during the last day of the cash-for-work program on December 8. At least 17,326 people have attended the program and doubled their efforts to clean communities.From November 20 up to present, the foundation’s clean-up drive has covered more than 60 barangays and benefitted more than 300,000 man-days. Each of the program participants is given P500 per day.*This day also marks the end of Tzu Chi’s cash-for-work program in Tacloban City. A month after Yolanda’s wrath in the said area, much improvement is seen in terms of cleanliness and order. The program participants are very grateful for Tzu Chi’s help.*In Manila, long-term beneficiaries of the organization give their monetary contributions for typhoon Yolanda victims during the quarterly relief distribution at Tzu Chi Great Love Campus in Sta. Mesa, Manila. A mini-charity bazaar was also held wherein proceeds will benefit the calamity victims in Leyte province.

December 7

*The number of cash-for-work participants reached around 17,281. The sites include San Jose Central School and Barangay 56. In San Jose alone, the participants reached as much as 12,814. Some of the participants had given a small token of appreciation as a way of thanking the Buddhist group’s invaluable help in Tacloban City.*A benefit dinner is held at the Acropolis Club House to recognize the relief efforts being carried out by Tzu Chi Foundation in Leyte. Instead of spending on a lavish Christmas party, the residents of Acropolis subdivision in Libis, Quezon City have decided to donate their budget to two charitable organizations, and one of them is Tzu Chi Foundation.

December 6

*The organization’s cash-for-work program has opened its 8th new site in San Jose benefitting barangays 83, 83-B, 83-C, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89.*A team of volunteers and some of the cash-for-work participants take on the job of preparing the pots of instant rice as the cash-for-work program continues in many parts of Tacloban City. The instant rice is intended as an emergency food alternative particularly in times of disaster.

December 5

*Tzu Chi’s cash-for-work program continues in some disaster areas and closes in other communities. A total of 7,818 participants have worked for the clean-up activity in Barangay 56, Sacred Heart College, and Sto. Niño Shrine.*St. Jude College and Hospital and Medical Center donates monetary assistance, clothing, and bottled water to Tzu Chi for the benefit of typhoon Yolanda victims in Leyte.*To increase the funds of the Buddhist organization, Chinese Filipino Business Club hands a check donation to Tzu Chi Foundation. This amount will be used to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda.  Touched by the relentless efforts of the organization, some of the officers have pledged to donate additional financial aid.

December 4

*The cash-for-work continues in many communities in Tacloban City. It aims to gather residents from barangays and pay them P500 to clean their area filled with mud and debris.*The cash-for-work program has closed in barangays 6, 6-A, and 25, of Tacloban City. During the last day, Tzu Chi volunteers have seen much improvement not only on the place but also among the people.*Taiwanese nationals guide their fellow Tzu Chi volunteers on how to assemble the makeshift classrooms, which will serve as comfortable learning spaces for schoolchildren and temporary shelters for typhoon victims.

*The foundation has donated nine classrooms in Tunga Central School as a temporary replacement for the classrooms destroyed by typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). A team of Tzu Chi volunteers from Taiwan have facilitated the installation of units at the school grounds.

*Tzu Chi Foundation holds the cash aid distribution program at the dilapidated multi-purpose hall of Tunga Central School.

*Residents from different barangays of Tunga avail of free consultation and medicines from Tzu Chi Foundation. The medical mission has been held after the relief distribution program in Tunga Central School.

December 3

*Tzu Chi Foundation’s cash-for-work program continues in Tacloban and is now on its 14th day with around 31,000 participants.*The fourth batch of Tzu Chi volunteers who arrive in Tacloban is comprised of 30 Taiwanese nationals. The volunteers start to assemble the makeshift classrooms in the premises of Leyte Progressive High School in Barangay 65. They also teach some Tzu Chi staff members how to assemble them.*Seven medical professional, staff and volunteers conduct medical mission in Sagkahan, Tacloban that has benefitted 103 patients. Aside from free consultation, every patient is provided with medicines.

December 2

*Tzu Chi Foundation’s 13th day of the cash-for-work program has reached to 31,438 participants. The group will focus more on rehabilitation and relief efforts as it tries to revitalize Tacloban City.*Tzu Chi volunteers have conducted the assembly of the new cash-for-work program site at the Sacred Heart College of Tacloban City, Incorporated. Some of the local residents have been deployed in the Catholic school to clean up the ruins of the typhoon.*Tzu Chi Philippines CEO Alfredo Li reports to Master Cheng Yen via video conference, the development brought by the cash-for-work program in Tacloban City. According to him, aside from the locals’ united efforts in cleaning up their communities, heavy machineries such as trucks and payloaders are also working for quick progress.  In addition to cleaning the streets, the cash-for-work participants also go house-to-house to help fellow victims. The conference concludes with the encouraging words of Master Cheng Yen to Tzu Chi volunteers.

December 1

*Surigao local government sends 25 dump trucks and five payloaders to hasten the cleanup efforts in Tacloban City.*Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines has conducted a medical mission in Pawing, Palo, Leyte, providing healthcare services to a total of 583 patients. Thirty volunteer doctors from the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia are present at the medical mission.*Relief distribution has aided more than 1,700 families from eight barangays in Tunga municipality.

*A total of 20,741 participants were given allowance through Tzu Chi Foundation’s cash-for-work program.

November 30

*Volunteer doctors from Taiwan and Singapore unite to give hope to the disaster victims in Tacloban City, Leyte as they conduct a medical mission on November 30 at the San Jose Parish Church, Barangay 86. On this day, the medical team is able to benefit a total of 980 patients in the fields of general medicines, paediatrics, surgery, dental, ophthalmology, pharmacy, and acupuncture. All patients are given with free medicines.*Taiwan-based company, Industrial Technology Research Institute is in partnership with Tzu Chi Foundation. At Tzu Chi founder Master Cheng Yen’s behest, three units of water-distilling were brought to Tacloban to provide clean drinking water for the typhoon victims. A single portable machine can serve water for 2,500 people.*A group of Tzu Chi volunteers distribute claim stubs to an estimate of 1,500 families in Tunga municipality, Leyte.

*The 11th day of the cash-for-work program has benefitted a total of 20,677 Tacloban residents.

*Forty-six Chinese and Filipino Tzu Chi volunteers along with teachers from Old Balara Elementary School in Quezon City conduct donation drive in Barangay Old Balara. This activity aims to gather the love and compassion of everyone to help the disaster victims in Leyte province.

November 29

*Tzu Chi Foundation continues to implement its cash-for-work program and cleanup efforts to rehabilitate the devastated communities of Tacloban City. About 21,100 participants joined the activity that day.*Another batch of 172 Tzu Chi volunteers have arrived in Tacloban City to help in the conduct of medical and relief missions. Most of the volunteers came from Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. They were also accompanied by volunteers and staff form Manila and Cebu.*Philippine Buddhacare Academy in Quezon City sends help to typhoon survivors through Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines. Some students have come to Tzu Chi’s office to deliver personalised cards to be distributed to calamity victims.

*Owners of Beabi, a store of multi-functional travel and storage accessories, pledge to donate their two days of sales to the Tzu Chi Foundation to help the victims of Yolanda victims in Tacloban City. The shop-for-a-cause activity starts today.

November 28

*Tzu Chi’s branch in Hong Kong has sent additional thermal blankets, instant rice, water purifier, and temporary classrooms.*A total of 20,268 residents have joined hands in cleaning up their communities. Each of them is given P500 worth of financial aid.*Additional 10 units of dump trucks and three payloaders are sent to Tacloban to speed up the cleanup efforts.

November 27

*Cash-for-work program is continuously implemented in Tacloban City wherein a total of 9,799 residents have benefitted. Two new cash-for-work sites opened in Tacloban City namely: Sagkahan National High School and Sampaguita Plaza.*Tzu Chi volunteers have distributed a total of 2,221 instant rice bowls to Tacloban residents, mostly cash-for-work participants.*A group of volunteers return to Tunga municipality to conduct a survey in various sites intended for relief activities and for the set-up of temporary classrooms.

*Philippine Che Yong Cua and Chua Family Association donate to Tzu Chi Foundation’s charitable causes, which are meant to benefit the typhoon victims in Leyte.

November 26

*A total of 15,994 typhoon victims from Tacloban City are enrolled at Tzu Chi’s cash-for-work program which provides each of them with P500 allowance after a day’s work.*Instant rice meals are prepared and served by culinary group of Tzu Chi volunteers to thousands of residents.*At least 1,000 locals unite in cleaning up the University of the Philippines- Tacloban.

*Ormoc City Mayor Edward Codilla provides heavy equipment such as five dump trucks, two pay loaders and a back hoe to expedite the cleanup efforts in Tacloban.

*Recognizing the hard work and dedication of Tacloban City police force, a total of 455 police officers have received cash assistance from Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation. The ceremony is held at the Tacloban City Police Office on November 26. Each police officer is given P15,000.

*Philippine Kim Luan Chinese Temple gives monetary donations to Tzu Chi volunteers to help the calamity victims in Leyte province. The representatives from the group have attended the closing ceremony of Tzu Chi’s livelihood training program.

*Fourteen Filipino Tzu Chi volunteers will travel for two days via ship to reach Tacloban City. They will reinforce the team of volunteers in the city who are currently conducting the group’s cash-for-work program.

November 25

*More barangays in Tacloban City are covered in Tzu Chi’s cash-for-work program. Today, a total of 16,949 residents participate in cash-for-work program of the Buddhist organization.

November 24

*Tzu Chi’s massive cash-for-work program and cleanup activities are composed of 15,876 participants from several barangays of Tacloban City. Residents unite in rebuilding their lives and community.*Volunteers mobilized in Ormoc City to conduct large-scale relief distribution to typhoon survivors. A total of 3,512 residents from barangays Liloan, Linao, San Pablo, and Biliboy have received cash gifts, thermal blanket, a pack of second-hand clothing, and 20-kilo rice. On the same day, another 1, 368 beneficiaries have been given same cash relief from different barangays in Ormoc.*The second day of the medical mission in Tacloban benefitted a total of 379 patients in the fields of pediatrics, gynecology, general medicine, dental, and minor surgery. Philippine TIMA Dr. Robert Sy paid a visit in Anibong, Tacloban to provide minor surgery service to 10 residents who cannot come to the medical mission’s site in Leyte Progressive High School. Free toxoid tetanus shots were also given to 110 residents who were wounded during the typhoon.

*On the other hand, volunteers in Manila continuously gather the support of public through donation drives at some branches of Robinson’s Shopping Mall.

November 23

*Tzu Chi Foundation continues its cash-for-work cum cleanup activities in affected communities of Tacloban City.*Around 67 Tzu Chi volunteers and doctors from Taiwan and the Philippines combined efforts to reach out to the needy patients in Tacloban City. The medical mission provided services for paediatrics, general medicines, dental, and minor surgery benefitting a total of 644 individuals.*After the medical mission, Tzu Chi volunteers and TIMA doctors went to different typhoon-hit areas of Tacloban to conduct a disaster survey. They also helped in handing out cash assistance for the cash-for-work participants. TIMA doctor Clarence Tsai shares that the said program is of big help for the residents to restore their livelihood.

*Around 6:00AM, about 32 Chinese and Filipino Tzu Chi volunteers in Manila are mobilized to solicit donations from shoppers and vendors at two public markets in Quezon City.

*To hasten the recovery of the victims and their communities, Tzu Chi Foundation distributes cash relief to 3,706 affected families from barangays of Can Adieng, Ipil, Punta, Curva in Ormoc City. Each of the families received a cash assistance amounting to P8,000-P15,000; and relief supplies such as thermal blanket, a pack of second-hand clothing, and 20-kilo rice.

*Around 6:00AM, about 32 Chinese and Filipino Tzu Chi volunteers in Manila are mobilized to solicit donations from shoppers and vendors at two public markets in Quezon City.

*Donation drive for typhoon Yolanda victims continues at Robinson Shopping Malls.

November 22

*Fifty-five Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) members including the medical directors and renowned medical professionals from Taiwan Tzu Chi hospitals (Dalin, Hualien, Taichung and Taipei) arrive in Leyte province to conduct large-scale medical missions in Tacloban. They will join the TIMA members of the Philippine branch in giving medical services to typhoon Yolanda victims.*TIMA members from Manila and Cebu have pooled their efforts to carry out the medical mission in Barangay Punta, Ormoc City. A total of 529 patients under general medicines, paediatrics, and minor surgery have been served.*Tzu Chi Foundation mobilized 6,580 cash-for-work participants from 15 barangays in Tacloban City.

*In Metro Manila, some Filipino and Chinese Tzu Chi volunteers solicit donations from shoppers in six branches of Robinson’s Mall.

November 21

*Additional relief items such as 405 rolls of tarpaulin; 10,000 mosquito nets; and 10,000 sleeping mat are loaded on five trucks by more than 30 local volunteers and staff; two from these trucks are provided and rented by a Tzu Chi supporter. Meanwhile, the goods will be transport via 2go vessel which offered free shipment.*Another 42 Tzu Chi volunteers from Manila arrived in Ormoc City. They will be joined by other volunteers from Taiwan on November 22 in conducting more relief and medical missions in Ormoc and Tacloban cities.*As preparation for the large scale relief mission, Tzu Chi volunteers distribute claim stubs to families from Barangay San Pablo, Barangay Ipil, and Barangay Curva, all in Ormoc City.

*Cash-for-work program continues in Tacloban. A total of 2,680 residents from nine barangays have participated in the activity.

*On their way to Tacloban City, one team of Tzu Chi volunteers have stopped at Barangay Sto. Niño in the municipality of Tunga, Leyte.  They survey the community to assess the immediate needs of the families affected.

*Meanwhile, some groups of Tzu Chi volunteers continuously conduct the solicitation drives in five branches of Robinson’s Malls in Metro Manila.

November 20

*Cash-for-work program begins in the barangays of 65, 66, 66-A, 67 and 38 Tacloban City. Each of the 610 enlisted workers are given P500 per day. More barangays will be covered in the coming days.*Cleaning materials that include 2,000 shovels, 500 five-gallon water containers,  gloves, face masks, and T-shirts are loaded on to a wingvan truck and will travel to Ormoc City via Ravago Shipping at R10 fishport,Navotas City. These are additional materials to be used in Tzu Chi’s cash-for-work program in Tacloban City.*In Manila, Tzu Chi staff and local volunteers prepare the relief items to be sent in Tzu Chi’s Cebu liaison office. Dental equipment and supplies of medicines are also sent via Philippines Airlines as preparation for the large scale medical mission on November 22-24.

November 19

*Volunteers conduct a donation drive for typhoon Yolanda Victims in Barangay Tatalon, Quezon City.*Donation drive kicks off in five branches of Robinson’s Mall such as Magnolia and Ortigas in Metro Manila.*On November 19, a total of 24 Tzu Chi volunteers go back in Tacloban City and paid a visit in Barangay 65 and 66, two communities that haven’t recovered yet from the typhoon. The volunteers also prepare to conduct a cash-for-work program cum cleanup activities.

*A team of Tzu Chi volunteers arrive in Ormoc City to distribute claim stubs to typhoon-hit families from nine barangays.

November 18

*A donation drive was conducted in Sta. Cruz and Binondo, Manila by 103 Tzu Chi volunteers. Simultaneous donation drives were also done by Tzu Chi volunteers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and the US to help augment funds for the relief efforts.*Tzu Chi staff load additional 255 sacks of 50-kilogram rice, 500 boxes of biscuits; and materials for repacking of rice such as 10,000 empty sacks and 20 sacks of thread. These will to be shipped via Sulpicio Lines for free. The cargo is expected to arrive in Cebu City on November 20.*Tzu Chi volunteers continue to hold a video conference with Master Cheng Yen and report their findings during their four-day survey in Leyte. Seeing the massive destruction brought by Yolanda, Master Cheng Yen appeals to everyone to unite their love and set their differences aside to help the super typhoon victims.

*Tzu Chi Philippines CEO Alfredo Li reports to Master Cheng Yen via video conference, the development of relief efforts and medical mission in Leyte province. These operations have already benefitted more than 1,000 families in Ormoc City and more are still underway. Li further reports that the foundation is launching a cash-for-work program Tacloban City and a donation drive in Manila.

*Preparation of goods starts at the warehouse of Tzu Chi Philippines’ Cebu Liaison Office, Cebu City.

November 17

*Washing and repacking of donated clothes continue at TCGLC.*Tzu Chi Philippines through CEO Alfredo Li holds a video conference with Master Cheng Yen to understand the latest situation in Leyte. He reports that although relief goods are already in Cebu City, transportation problems in Leyte pose a great challenge in delivering relief goods to the victims. But Master Cheng Yen inspires the whole team to continue carrying out relief for the victims, assuring that her support and blessing is with them.

November 16

*Shipment of 10,000 packs of clothes and 1,900 sacks of 50-kilo rice via Aleson Shipping Lines in Tondo, Manila. The company offers free shipment to organizations that conduct relief missions in Leyte province.*At least 170 Tzu Chi volunteers and supporters gather at Tzu Chi Great Love Campus to wash and prepare clothes that will be donated to typhoon victims. To hasten the process, volunteers were grouped into three: the first group washed clothes, the second group got the clean clothes out in the open to dry, and the third group neatly folded and placed the clothes inside the box.*Other volunteers continue to sort and repack other relief goods at TCGLC.

*Noting that potable water would be scare in many areas severely affected by the super typhoon. Volunteers from Taiwan donate three units of “Q Water” purifier that will be delivered in the country soon. The units can purify five tons of water daily and provide 1,000 individuals with clean drinking water.

*Ayala Heights Village residents in Quezon City give donations to support Tzu Chi’s relief efforts in Leyte province. More than 100 guests have been invited to a night of gathering organized by Tzu Chi volunteers to let them know more about the organization.

November 15

*On November 15, a total of 828 residents have benefited from the relief distribution held in barangays Bantigue and Laray in Ormoc City, while the two-day medical mission benefitted a total of 1,160 patients last November 15 and 16. The free healthcare service is given by a team of volunteer doctors under the fields of general medicine, pediatrics, and minor surgery.*One team of Tzu Chi volunteers have travelled to Tacloban City, the area which is reported to suffer the hardest.*Surveys, medical missions, and relief distributions in disaster-hit areas are simultaneously being done by different teams to speed up the operations.

*In Manila, local volunteers and staff prepare and load at least 10,000 packs of clothes to be shipped via Aleson Shipping Lines without any charge. The items are expected to arrive in Cebu on November 18.

*At Still thought Hall in Quezon City and Tzu Chi Great Love Campus in Sta. Mesa, Manila, donors continue to give their donations either in cash or kind. Basic aid supplies such as clothes, bottled water, medicines, and other sanitary items are given.

November 14

*Disaster surveys are conducted in the municipalities of Isabel, Merida, Albuera, and Ormoc City, Leyte while 1,036 families benefitted from the relief operation done in the said city. The recipients received the following: a towel,T-shirts, underwear, a bath soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, two bottles of drinking water, a pack of biscuits, and five kilos of rice.*A medical mission was simultaneously done that benefitted 303 patients. The activity served in the departments of paediatrics, general medicine, and minor surgery and was conducted by four Tzu Chi volunteer doctors.

November 13

*A total of 46 volunteers have flown to Leyte to facilitate a charitable mission and share the importance of helping one another in time of crisis. They are divided into four teams to conduct disaster surveys, massive relief operations, and a medical mission. Volunteers from Tzu Chi Malaysia and headquarters in Taiwan have also arrived to assist in the relief mission in Leyte.*Tzu Chi volunteers met with Ormoc vice mayor Leo Carmelo Locsin, Jr. According to the official, the primary needs of the victims at the moment are: dry goods, potable water, medicine, and temporary shelter.*A team of Tzu Chi volunteers have visited Barangay Nadunghulan to evaluate the damage of the typhoon in the area and to speak with the residents personally. According to barangay captain Monchou de Paz, there are six zones in the said barangay where 1,047 houses have been totally destroyed.

*Volunteers in Manila have started preparing donation boxes and banners for the conduct of donation drives. Several donors also visit Still Thoughts Hall in Quezon City to give their donations either in cash or kind.

November 12

*Relief goods from Taiwan have arrived in Cebu at 4 pm.*Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez meets with the Tzu Chi volunteers at the foundation’s main office in Quezon City upon learning of its plan to conduct disaster surveys, relief operations, and medical missions in the affected communities of Ormoc.*Volunteers from Tzu Chi Foundation’s liaison office in Cebu have already started conducting relief efforts and medical mission in the said province. The relief includes giving P2,000 cash assistance to 295 families and a medical mission that benefited 70 patients. The medical mission consisted of 31 volunteer doctors and nurses. Cebu was also badly affected by typhoon Yolanda last November 8.

November 11

*Tzu Chi founder Master Cheng Yen has met with volunteers from the Philippines to plan immediate relief operations for the thousands of typhoon victims in Eastern Visayas.*Volunteers from Tzu Chi Taiwan have prepared thermal blankets and instant rice intended for 30,000 individuals. Resources are also being tapped in Tzu Chi offices across the world.*Volunteers from Tzu Chi Philippines have also visited the job site in Taichung, Taiwan to help assemble makeshift classrooms. These classrooms will be sent to the victims of the armed conflict in Mindanao and typhoon Yolanda in Visayas.

*Tzu Chi Foundation’s office in Taiwan has donated thermal blankets and instant rice. Fifty million worth of goods will be airlifted by Taiwan’s military plane, which is expected to arrive on November 12.

*Philippine Tzu Chi volunteers meet with Master Cheng Yen to initially report about typhoon Yolanda’s wrath in the Visayas region, she also shares her disaster relief policy. The Master says that massive medical missions and post-disaster relief efforts are needed immediately to help the victims recover. On the other hand, she also reminds the volunteers to conduct all relief efforts safely and peacefully.

November 9

*Volunteers and staff members of Tzu Chi Philippines start to gather news and official reports about the devastation caused by the calamity.

November 8

*Yolanda pummels a huge part of Eastern Visayas. Nearly 10,000 people are feared dead. More than two million people are affected in 41 provinces across the region. Hundreds are missing and thousands are injured. Widespread damage to infrastructure is seen.

November 7

*Super typhoon Yolanda enters the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). Storm signal number 4 is raised in Eastern Visayas and some areas in Mindanao.